The Vibe

Your Arrival:

Be on time! Don’t stress yourself out by cutting it down to the wire, get here with enough time to arrive and settle. That said, we will do our best to make space for you when you get here.  


Please check in with the front desk to sign up for class or sign up in advance online. If you are new, fill out a waiver and someone at the front desk will guide you in. Class will be in one of our 3 studios and we will point you in the right direction. Once you are checked in, place your belongings in one of the cubbies provided in the studio.

We love a good shoe, but…

Please take them off when you arrive. There is shoe storage once you walk in.

So, about that celly…

Please turn your phone, your watch, your ipad, your technology off (not vibrate, that’s annoying too). Life is busy and frenetic for many of us. We get it. But this is where we all come to focus, work, and breath together. No one wants to hear pinging or vibrating coming from the cubbies.


You smell good, but…

Scents can be very personal, and allergens for some. Please respect the community nature of this space, and come to practice with a clean body and non-funky yoga gear. We would also most appreciate it if you didn’t wear strong perfumes in class.

The studio has two gender neutral bathrooms, one of which has a shower for those super speedy post class showers before you head back out into the world.

Our lobby, come unwind!

The lobby is community space, so give yourself time to hang, relax and connect with community. This is your yoga home.  Have some tea. Take a breath.


Talk to us!


Hands on?

Hands on assists: are a part of our classes and can be important and helpful. Our teachers respect your personal preferences, and if you prefer not to be touched please let the teacher know at the beginning of class or if they come by. We promise, they won’t be offended! 

Communication before class: is an important part of our community and a healthy dialogue between student and teacher is vital. If there is something about you or your body that the teacher should know, please tell them.

If you have to leave early: let the teacher know in advance so they aren’t concerned about you.

Tell your teacher if you have a broken wrist, or a broken heart. Tell your teacher.
— Tim

Props? Use them.


Props: are a tool of the practice, we all use them at different times and for different reasons. Sometimes they help us refine, sometimes they help us move deeper, sometimes they help us bliss out. Your teacher will let you know what is necessary for the day’s class, and always feel free to take what you need to support your practice! Please return your props with care after class.


Please take Savasana!!! If you need to leave before final rest, we encourage you take about 5-7 minutes on your own. All the sweetness of your efforts is integrated in stillness, don’t deprive yourself!

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How We Got Here

When Tim Kelleher and Emily Tevald crossed paths almost a decade ago in his yoga class, there was an instant connection and kindred energies that began with a mutual love for the practice. While Tim and Emily’s relationship began as teacher and student respectively, it grew into a friendship built on mutual respect, a love of yoga, and the adventures of life.

The pair share a similar vibe, style, and approach to yoga that is rooted in old-school practice and contemporary studies and teachings.