1. the action or fact of joining or being joined.

2. a group of people with a common interest or purpose.


Careers in Yoga

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Front Desk Greeter & Union Guide

As the Union Guide you are the natural extension of all of the things we love and care about here at Boston Yoga Union. You create a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment for everyone who walks through the doors.

In exchange, you’ll work in a joyful healthy space that supports a balanced life, filled with positive, professional people and yoga!

You’re a good fit for BYU if you’re reliable, patient, and have awesome communication skills! A sense of humor is kinda very mandatory.
— Obvious

In this student-facing position you’ll:

  • Create a warm, welcoming environment for everyone

  • Welcome students and be ready to help facilitate an easy check-in experience

  • Greet Students and answer questions as they leave class

  • Eagerly problem-solve for students and teachers

  • Provide kind and expert guidance on class choice, membership selection and product purchases

  • Guide questions and concerns, and student feedback to the correct team member

  • Be comfortable with basic Mindbody functions

  • Anticipate the needs of the space: stock supplies, and be aware of operational needs

  • Tidy. It’s not a 4 letter word, it’s just who we are. Clean lobby, bathrooms and studios between classes & at the end of the day.

  • Be a team player: co-operative, proactive, and resilient.

  • Willing to share your energy, enthusiasm, and creative ideas to contribute to our unique community


That’s me!


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