Alissa Portet

This practice has changed my life in a very profound way and continues to shape how I live each day. It has taught me how to make space, especially when life feels overwhelming. My asana practice has helped me develop the physical strength to tackle everyday struggles, and perhaps most importantly, it has taught me to be kind to myself. The physical practice might look and feel different from day to day, but the ability to dedicate yourself to something and be consistent in its practice is what makes a lasting difference.

I first discovered yoga in 2010 while pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles; However, it soon became clear it was not my true life passion. In 2012 I completed my 200 hour training at Back Bay Yoga shortly after moving back to Boston, and started teaching right away. As a student it is my priority to continue educating myself through home practice, self study, and of course training with senior teachers whenever possible. As your teacher, I will teach you and I will challenge you by encouraging discipline as well as patience with yourself. My greatest hope is that you learn something every time you walk in to my class.

FacultyTim Kelleher