Maddie Brisbane

As a former figure skater who never felt particularly graceful in her body growing up, Maddie credits yoga in helping her find confidence and self-love through mindful movement. She is passionate about receiving and sharing wisdom, and is humbled by the infinite wisdom that the practice of yoga offers. She believes that remaining open to knowledge and willingness to share it is key to growth and healing on and off the mat. 

Maddie teaches an athletic, dynamic, and creative vinyasa flow intended to inspire, empower, and challenge her students.

Her classes vary each week, but she always brings fluidity, creativity, and soul in her sequences, with a fresh and flowing playlist ready to go. She gives students the opportunity to invert and arm balance, while always encouraging students to modify poses to fit their individual needs. 

Maddie is a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor through YogaWorks and is grateful to be inspired by the wisdom and knowledge of her teachers. Maddie is currently living and teaching in Boston, MA.

FacultyTim Kelleher