Marie Claire Guglielmo


Movement and helping others has always been a cornerstone of my life. From physical activity to mental agility, it’s imprint—to develop, to progress, to transform, to learn, to grow—has held me transfixed.

This natural drive and curiosity brought me to my first encounter with yoga in the late 90’s.  The sublime post-class feeling of buzzy invigoration coupled with the lush quiet of surrender had me hooked.  Exploring different teachers and styles of yoga was a lighthearted adventure before a non-yoga related back injury and global travel put my practice indefinitely on hold. 

A few years later and living on the other side of the planet without a sense of rootedness- a desire for community, for safely returning to and deepening my practice was....unshakable. In 2010, I completed my 200 hr teacher training, and gained certifications in core yoga and Thai yoga massage. 

In 2011, I returned to Boston and my corporate career. I began working in a mission-driven medical education company, first as a project manager, then a director leading a diverse team.  Heavily influenced by my yoga practice and studies, the joy of ushering colleagues and friends through life’s challenges and triumphs—with warmth, openness, and humor—led me to becoming a personal and professional coach.  In addition, I have the honor of serving the community of remarkable people at Boston Yoga Union as both manager and student. 

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