Ryan Cunningham

ryan pose.jpeg

Yoga is a practice through which I cultivate wellness. In order to do that my practice begins with awareness training - simply being able to feel and perceive my own experience in any given moment. Beyond that, the asana, pranayama, techniques simply become avenues through which I can see myself more clearly - a process which I find both helpful and challenging.

My main mentor and teacher is Tom Alden, with whom I study yoga therapy. I have also studied and been deeply influenced by Barbara Benagh, Ethan Nichtern, Leslie Kaminoff and Judith Lasater.

I am interested in teaching a more holistic perspective in regards to practice. I want to move away from the idea that there is a “correct”, “classical”, “traditional” form that we should strive for. I want students to be able to think and a practice for themselves in a way that supports their lives on and off the mat.

Currently I teach a wide variety of programs at my studio, Bow Street Yoga. In addition, I host and produce two podcasts: Unrolled Podcast (with Kate Robinson) and Just Yoga.