Tim Kelleher


Tim loves yoga, it saves his life on a daily basis.

He stumbled upon a primary series at a gym in 2003 and has been on a mat ever since. A steady practice helped Tim heal from years of physical and emotional trauma, and bring a sense of joy and clarity into his daily life. Tim’s instruction draws on a wide range of styles and movement modalities to create joyful, powerful classes. He mixes traditional practices and philosophy with his modern approach to movement. Tim believes a healthy body leads to a deeper breath; deeper breath leads to a quiet mind, and a quiet mind opens up a happy heart.

Tim is an ERYT-500 and has studied extensively for the past nearly two decades. Most recently, he completed a year of Iyengar training with Nikki Costello and Laura Warren. His influences include Schuyler Grant, Tom Alden, and the endlessly inspiring community of teachers and studio owners in Boston. He is especially grateful to his longtime teacher Sondra Loring, who taught him to be fearless in his teaching and reach beyond the mundane toward the divine.

Tim is the co-owner of Boston Yoga Union; and together with his husband, dad to two beautiful kids. He teaches public and private classes, teacher trainings, workshops in Boston and beyond. He leads domestic and international retreats including his annual trip to Cuba. He is also passionate about his work recovery community in Boston and his Recovering Yogi classes.