Cassie Marantz


For Cassie, yoga provides a path back to herself. Almost 15 years after realizing that asana alleviated chronic pain from athletics, yoga has become a place for her to cultivate space and strength on a deeper level.

Cassie loves to help people discover more conscious, useful relationships with their bodies and themselves through practice. She aims to create an environment of curiosity for people to unravel counterproductive patterns and create sustainable growth – the type that allows for lifelong progression into one’s full dimensionality. This is not always easy stuff, so she keeps a light heart and a sense of humor.

Her training is Vinyasa-based with an emphasis on alignment. She received her 200-Hour certification in 2012 at SBY and her 500-hour certification with Ame Wren and Daniel Max at Boston Yoga School.

Cassie is humbled to be a part of the incredible teaching staff at Boston Yoga Union. She is a student for life and extraordinarily grateful for the teachers of the Boston yoga community and beyond.

Cassie has a BA in Psychology & Brain Sciences from Dartmouth College and a professional background in marketing.

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