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Skill in Action: Back Bending with Strength & Ease

with Caitlyn Visconte
Thursdays, June 13, 20, and 27
7:30pm - 9:00pm

Learn how to Back Bend with Strength, Grace & Ease!


Take time this spring to develop or move deeper into your back bending practice!

In this 3-part series you will focus on bringing a deeper level of awareness to the pelvis and thighs, as well as the trunk and shoulder girdle in relation to back bending. You will learn the where (placement), the how (what muscles to use to keep the body stable) and lastly how to find space and freedom.

This series is open to yoga teachers and practitioners of all levels.


Week 1: Legs and pelvis

Week 2: Core stabilization & shoulder extension & flexion

Week 3: Integration:

$90 per person, Limited Capacity, love of backbending not a prerequisite!