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Teacher's Upgrade - Sequencing, Alignment and Adjustments

with Caitlyn Visconte and Tim Kelleher
Saturday, June 1, 2019
9:00am - 4:00pm

Spend a day with Tim and Caitlyn upgrading your teaching skills. Learn new ways to plan classes, new information for instruction and clearer ways to see and touch.


Join Tim and Caitlyn for day of teacher focused development and learning.   You will come away with a new set of tools to build your classes and new way to see and adjust your students as the move.

Following a led practice, Caitlyn will cover her signature sequencing method.  Learn to apply the principles of “prepare, prime, and balance” as you build three sequence templates for continued work. Exploring further, we will explore theme threading in order to give your sequences depth and resonance. 

Spend the afternoon working with Tim and Caitlyn to train your eyes and hands to see and adjust your students more effectively. You will learn how to identify and correct the source of a misalignment, instead of just the symptoms. Explore methods of working with props and  hands to help your student find ease and understanding in their poses. Expect practice, group work and posture lab.

Saturday June 1st 9am to 4pm
$125 Before May 15th
$150 after