Our approach to Vinyasa Flow is decidedly welcoming, unexpected, and yet deeply familiar. You’ll move, learn, and find joy within the physical practice. Crafted with a sense of organic rhythm, each teacher brings their depth of experience and study to the room.



This is our signature class. Each Vinyasa flow class has a unique and purposeful focus rooted in intelligent sequencing. Your teacher will weave together a creative, dynamic flow.

Heated Flow

This class is a rigorous, heated version of our Flow class. Held in our state-of-the-art infrared radiant heat studio designed specially for yoga spaces, you’ll sweat, focus, and balance effort and alertness. After class you’ll feel wrung out, detoxed, and deeply clear.


Slow Flow

Discover a grounded, soulful, slower approach to Flow. This class is ideal for beginners and experienced students who are craving more fluidity and space in their practice. You’ll move thoughtfully and deeply into your practice.


Advance + Flow

Ideal for students who have a regular practice and are looking to go deeper. This class builds on a familiarity with foundational asana to allow for exploration of more complex postures, techniques, pranayama, and energetics.

Each teacher brings their depth of experience and study to the room, providing more license to fully discover the potential of a consistent yoga practice. You’ll have moments to expand the boundaries of your physical practice and develop a new understanding of yourself.

Human. Ability to practice self-care, comfortable modifying as needed, abiding curiosity.


Let’s Flow.