Our Align classes focus on developing skill and awareness within your practice. Our approach is strongly rooted in the methods developed by teachers and techniques that have come before us, balanced with our own current work and study.



This classical practice is great for beginners and experienced students alike.

Your teacher will weave together an intelligent sequence designed to provide you with a more nuanced understanding within the poses. You can expect to move specifically, hold poses for longer periods of time, and thread awareness into each posture. Expect a slower pace but not necessarily an easier class!


Advance + Align

Ideal for students with a regular practice, this class assumes a familiarity with foundational asana to allow for exploration of more complex postures, techniques, pranayama, and energetics.

Building on our Align class and moving into more advanced work, you will move specifically, explore more complex actions, and thread awareness into each posture. Slower doesn’t mean easier! You will have moments to expand your boundaries and develop a new understanding of your practice and maybe even yourself.

Discussion is encouraged. this class is more workshop style.


Let’s Align.